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Various reports and research have established that focused efforts to mainstream green skills in key industry sectors is a strategy to accelerate the creation of green jobs and the green transformations in the economy. 


The recent works of the ILO clearly recognizes these skills as crucial to enable economies to rapidly adapt changes and opportunities brought by the increased interest and action towards environmental sustainability and climate change. 


Specifically, the Asian region stands much to gain, about 14.2 M net green jobs by 2030 (will insert link that leads to document source here), from these predicted green transformations.  But as the process of greening the economy has the potential to generate opportunities for businesses, workers and entrepreneurs involved in strategic sectors, some may also experience massive disruptions that may impact employment. With the introduction of new environmental, climate and related trade policies, some sectors would be forced to align their investments, technologies, processes, and business models. It is important to understand these greening transformations to address complex challenges and maximize the opportunities that can be derived for the benefit of all.


The ILO-Japan Multi-bilateral Programme, with its strong commitment to pursue a skills development pathway to inclusive growth and sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region, recognizes the relevance of the dialogue and conversations around knowledge sharing, policy coherence and mobilizing support for the strategic area of developing the skills and human resources for green jobs, green economy transformations and a greener future in the Asia Pacific region.  In this context, the ILO Japan Partnership Programme is pleased to support the APGREENSKILLSFUTURE website, to highlight the latest events, resources and initiatives on this thematic area.

About Us

About Us

InSIGHT Phase 2 Project

Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth Phase 2 Project is a regional program which explores and supports a skills-driven approach and pathway towards inclusive growth in the Asian region.  InSIGHT2 implements component activities in (1) Indonesia  focused on skills development systems and promotion of digital skills,  (2) the Philippines on skills measures to enable and sustain the transition to a greener economy,  and (3) at the regional level, focused on knowledge sharing and policy support to tripartite constituents in ASEAN Member States to enhance regional integration on these closely related themes. It is supported by the Government of Japan under the long standing partnership within the ILO-Japan Multi-Bilateral Programme.

ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme

The Government of Japan and the ILO enjoy a long-standing partnership that has, through their joint development cooperation efforts, brought many improvements in the world of work, especially in Asia and the Pacific and Africa.  The Japanese Government’s support to the ILO development cooperation activities started in 1974.



The Asia-Pacific Green Jobs Network holds monthly meetings and discussion events to share knowledge and facilitate networking in advancing ILO’s agenda for greening the world/future of work, with the aim to: (1) discuss how the ILO is working for a Covid-19 recovery with green jobs;  (2) exchange information about keeping climate change action commitments in place as part of the recovery measures for better jobs, and  (3)  contribute to global efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic and the Climate Change emergency.

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